New Statewide Poll Shows Voters Believe Technology Industry is at Core of California’s Recovery

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February 3, 2010

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Research shows voters want policymakers to focus on Expanding on technology and innovation

San Francisco, CA – CALinnovates, a new statewide technology coalition, launched today and released new statewide polling results that measured voter attitudes towards technology.

Tulchin Research conducted the survey and found that, while voters expressed historic high pessimism toward the direction of California, voters had tremendous optimism and pride in California’s role as a leader in technology and innovation. Californians believe this important sector of the economy presents a potential solution to the state’s economic and fiscal challenges.

Specifically the survey found:

  • 80% believe that California is on the wrong track.
  • 79% are proud of California’s history of being a leader in innovation; 89% in Silicon Valley.
  • 66% believe that policymakers should focus on finding ways to boost the tech sector in California to help the economy.
  • 65% believe California is the nation’s leader in technology and innovation.
  • 96% believe technology and innovation are an important part of California’s economy.
  • By a 52% to 27% margin, voters believe that state policymakers are not making technology and innovation enough of a priority.
  • 42% believe that there are too many government regulations of technology companies in California against 15% who believe there are too few and 19% who believe there is the right amount.

“Remarkably, during this time of historic high voter dissatisfaction, Californian’s are able to express unmistakable optimism in our State’s tech sector. This optimism is extremely rare in these times when all we generally are hearing from voters is doom and gloom” said pollster Ben Tulchin who also noted that these feeling are consistently held, regardless of age, political party or region.

In response to the survey results, CALinnovates Advisory Board Member Barbara O’Connor of Sacramento State University said, “The survey results confirm what we suspected: Californians don’t think their elected officials are paying enough attention to the tech sector and are dependent on groups like CALinnovates to make technology policy a pre-eminent issue for discussion.”

Echoing Ms. O’Connor’s sentiments, Howard Stevenson, CALinnovates Advisory Board Member, Senior Associate Dean at Harvard Business School and Chairman of National Public Radio stated, “As a country, we are looking to California to lead, as it has in the past, in the creation of innovative technologies that result in new economy jobs.”

CALinnovates membership was encouraged by the results.

“There are thousands of innovators around the state working in both billion dollar businesses and out of their garages. Venture money is tight and employment costs are high, but we are choosing to do business in California. It’s nice to know that the people of California support our efforts,” said Mike Glickenhaus, CEO of VMIX headquartered in San Diego.

“Innovation begins in California, that’s why we’re here. There are thousands of innovators around the state working in both billion-dollar businesses and out of their garages,” said Steve Hoffmann, President of NRG West in Orange County.

“Despite the current economic challenges, California continues to be the epicenter of innovation and creativity. As we were looking to expand our company it was a natural choice for our new office location,” said Chris Rogers, Managing Director at Universal Mind, Inc. in San Francisco.

CALinnovates launch included the release of the survey, a formal announcement at SF New Tech Wednesday evening to the cheers of hundreds of small tech companies and the release of an iPhone app. Additional information about the coalition or the survey results can be found at CALinnovates.

Survey methodology: 600 voters statewide by telephone, conducted January 20-25, 2010, margin of error +/- 3.9%, included both landline and cell phones.

To view the survey memo and launch press release, please visit:

CALinnovates is a new technology organization that seeks to champion the conversation about the future of California’s critical technology sector. Bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, tech innovators, policymakers and consumers, CALinnovates’s non-partisan mission is to promote innovation, increase access to technology, create new jobs, spur investment and support tech-friendly policies.

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