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Member Update May 15, 2012

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Interview with Richard Bloom

Would You Give Up Your Smartphone?

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Interview with Richard Bloom:

“California is the center of the innovative world…this is what’s going to bring us jobs and propel California into the future” –Richard Bloom, Mayor of Santa Monica

Would You Give Up Your Smartphone?


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New Jersey Senator Lautenberg introduces the “America Innovates Act” to spur the growth of high tech jobs. This bill establishes an “American Innovation Bank” to provide universities, researchers, and private companies with the resources necessary to turn discoveries into products that will attract private investment and create jobs. In addition, the bill expands existing fellowship programs so students can perform research in local companies. Sen. Lautenberg is becoming a big player in the innovation space, having recently hosted an event featuring David Calabrese, the CEO of Bleacher League and an active member of CALinnovates.

According to a study done by Dr. Michael Mandel on the “App Economy,” nearly 500,000 jobs were created since the release of the iPhone in 2007. In a recent speech, FCC Chairman Genachowski praised these efforts but noted that it is critical that we drive this progress forward with ubiquitous broadband access and a strong framework to preserve Internet Freedom.

What We’ve Been Up To:…

CALinnovates surveyed students on the UCLA Campus about what they’d give up for a year before they gave up their smartphone. The following are a sampling of some of the most unique responses:

  • Driving
  • In n’ Out
  • Girlfriend
  • Smoking
  • Air

Check out some of the highlights from our video interviews this month. Full interviews are available on our website.


Move over Harvard and MIT. Two Stanford professors recently proposed to “flip” classrooms: students review YouTube lectures at home and solve problems alongside professors in the classroom…

According to Akamai’s “State of the Internet” Survey, California ranked 9th among states that have increased broadband speeds over the last quarter…

here’s the next big app from the creators of “Angry Birds.” One hit wonder or not?


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