When Andreesen Talks, People Listen

Marc Andreessen, the biggest name in venture capital, has been on a roll lately lighting up Twitter and blogging like never before.

Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, has achieved cult-like status in Silicon Valley and, perhaps, the country for his multiple billion-dollar exits as an entrepreneur and the investments his firm Andreessen Horowitz made in startups like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Skype. He’s a rock star not only in the tech industry, but in the world of business.

So when Andreessen shares his thoughts, we’d all be smart to pay attention. As case in point, a recent post on the firm’s website by Andreessen examines the role of timing when it comes to investing in innovation.

The post, which is profound in its grasp of the tech marketplace, reflects on Apple’s Newton — a precursor to the iPad — and why it failed in the marketplace

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