Statement from Executive Director Mike Montgomery on New California Tech Laws

“I am pleased that Governor Jerry Brown has signed a multitude of forward-thinking tech bills into law.   In particular, SB 1161 is an important law that will provide regulatory certainty in California for Internet-based services.  California has once again reassured high-tech innovators, investors and consumers that our state remains globally competitive by promoting  investment, innovation, and continued economic growth in our critically important high-tech sector.

Also signed into law was SB 1298, a bill that allows for the testing of self-driving cars on our streets as well as an initiative to make California a leader in making digital college textbooks available to students.  Another new law created privacy safeguards that  prohibit colleges and employers from demanding access to student and employee social media accounts.

I applaud Governor Brown and the state legislature for recognizing that California’s laws must continue to evolve with the pace of change in technology.

Consumers deserve greater choice and access to new communications technologies, and innovators should be provided the freedom to innovate.  CALinnovates opposes unnecessary regulations on Internet-based services that would undermine investment and job creation in our state.

Laws such as SB 1161 show that California is serious about preserving a free and open Internet.  Policy makers across the nation would be wise to take a similar approach.”