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WANTED: Big Hotel CEOs

The Big Hotel lobbying arm wants to tax middle class Americans to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars while forcing competition out of the market in order to further increase profits that line the pockets of these multi-billion, multi-national corporations.

We have created a list below of the worst offenders.

If you’ve had enough of these price-gouging fat-cats and believe that hard-working American’s have the right to use home share platforms to earn the extra cash they need to make ends meet, sign our petition below.

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The New York law “should be a big boost in the arm for the business…certainly in terms of the pricing.”

Michael Barnello, CEO, LaSalle Hotel Properties

Home sharing is providing everyday Americans with the extra income they need to make ends meet. It also makes our communities stronger. This isn’t about home share v. hotel. This is right v. wrong.

Most Wanted List!


Christopher J. Nassetta

CEO and Director

Hilton Worldwide

Annual Salary: $1,246,154


Stephen P. Holmes

Chairman and CEO

Wyndham Worldwide

Annual Salary: $1,595,784


Mark S. Hoplamazian

President, CEO & Director

Hyatt Hotels

Annual Salary: $1,062,833


W. Edward Walter

President & CEO

Host Hotels & Resorts

Annual Salary: $952,750


Jon E. Bortz

Chairman of the Board, President,

& CEO, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

Annual Salary: $750,000


Montgomery J. Bennett

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Ashford Hospitality Trust

Annual Salary: $800,000


Richard A. Smith

President & CEO

Felcor Lodging Trust

Annual Salary: $787,856


Ross H. Bierkhan

Chief Investment Officer &

Exec VP, RLJ Lodging Trust

Annual Salary: $870,994


Mark W. Brugger

President & CEO

Diamondrock Hospitality

Annual Salary: $765,000


Arne M. Sorenson

President & CEO

Marriott International

Annual Salary: $1,236,000


Richard Solomons


Hotels Group

Annual Salary £785,000


Stephen P. Joyce


Choice Hotels International

Annual Salary: $998,462


Mike Barnello

President & CEO

Lasalle Hotel Properties 

Annual Salary: $815,000



“If you look at business around marathons as an example, where we used to have really intense compression and an ability to price maybe what the customer would describe as sort of gouging rates… I’d say we’ve lost a lot of that ability at this point within the major markets where these events take place.”

Jon Bortz, CEO, Pebblebrook Trust

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