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Interview with Phil Ting, SF Assessor-Recorder and Candidate for CA Assembly

CALinnovates interviews Phil Ting about the SF tech rebirth, his role in ensuring a tech-friendly environment in San Francisco, and as a candidate for CA Assembly*, how he will bring these common sense public policy solutions to Sacramento.

*This is not an endorsement of Ting’s candidacy.  CALinnovates cannot endorse candidates for elected office per its 501(c)(4) nonprofit status.

Interview with Richard Bloom, Mayor of Santa Monica

Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom met with us to talk about his experience with and vision for California’s tech community.  The City of Santa Monica, while known mostly for its beaches, is also home to a thriving tech community.  Mayor Bloom has embraced the biz-tech community and, as a candidate for the State Assembly*, is outspoken about the role tech will play in our state’s future.

*This is not an endorsement of Bloom’s candidacy.  CALinnovates cannot endorse candidates for elected office per its 501(c)(4) nonprofit status.

The Internet of Things: How “Smart Home” Products Save Us Time, Energy

The Internet of everything is sweeping the nation.  Whether we’re talking about your home, your life, or the way lighting is controlled on your favorite TV show.

According to Paul Goldhammer, a dimmer board operator on a sitcom filming at CBS Studios, there’s an app that essentially allows him to be in two places at once.  iRFR, a product of Electronic Theatre Controls (“ETC”), gives lighting technicians like Goldhammer a tool to perform much of their work from a smartphone or tablet, taking them out of the control booth so they can remedy other challenges on the fly, saving in production time and multiple takes.

What makes iRFR even more impressive is that ETC gives proceeds from the purchase of the app to a healthcare nonprofit called Behind the Scenes, which provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are ill or injured.

From our perspective, iRFR fits into the broad category of smart home (or smart life, more appropriately) products.  This was a red hot category at CES this year.  We learned a lot about the smart refrigerator at the show, and over the last number of months, we’ve seen a proliferation of exciting innovation in this space.  One particularly noteworthy technology I’ve recently heard about provides the ability to check into your hotel room and unlock the door without stopping at the front desk.  I’ve also seen a demo for a power management system that allows people to turn on or off their appliances and lights using a simple app in order to save time, energy, money and the environment.

Without further ado, let’s shine a light on Paul Goldhammer and his mobile app.

Is San Francisco the “Innovation Capital Of The World”?

Mayor Ed Lee touts tech growth in San Francisco

By: Ari Burack | 04/25/12 7:52 PM
SF Examiner Staff Writer

As the tech company Dropbox opened a massive new China Basin headquarters Wednesday, Mayor Ed Lee touted the news as further proof of The City’s growing image as a tech capital.

Dropbox — which offers cloud data storage services for users of personal computers — joins firms such as Twitter, Zynga and Salesforce as part of the mayor’s effort to portray San Francisco as the “innovation capital of the world.”

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