CALinnovates August Member Update

From the Desk of Executive Director Mike Montgomery:

We need more spectrum. It’s not a casual observation. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact. It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer or simply a mobile device owner, either. You need it, and we know it. As such, CALinnovates has been actively advocating for movement on the spectrum auctions, which will free up mobile bandwidth, further enabling the mobile community to innovate to even greater heights. We continue to urge the FCC to meet its stated goal to conduct the auction in 2014. Backsliding simply isn’t an option.

Last but certainly not least, the CALinnovates community sends out positive thoughts for a swift recovery to Advisory Board Member Jamie Daves, the Co-Founder and CEO of Learner X. Jamie is in the midst of a miraculous recovery from an accident he sustained last month that left him partially paralyzed. He took his first steps two weeks ago. Go Jamie!

News You Can Use:

The New Innovation Battlegrounds Are City Hall And The State House
Forbes, August 6, 2013

Former FCC Chair Julius Genachowski and Chief Counsel Zac Katz on why state and local government is important to the tech community.

The Talent Tourniquet | Making Los Angeles Startup Friendly
Tech Zulu, August 5, 2013

CALinnovates’ Duston Batton weighed in on how to help grow Silicon Beach.

CALinnovates in the News:

Surf and Turf Wars in Silicon Valley
The Hill, July 15, 2013
By: Mike Montgomery

At first blush, the event held by Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy entitled “The Broadband Technology Explosion: Rethinking Communications Policy for a Mobile Broadband World” could have easily seemed like a wonk fest for public policy nerds. But for those of us who made the trip to Silicon Valley’s Quadrus Conference Center on Sand Hill Road, the discussion was anything but boring. Quite the opposite, in fact, since the topics being hashed out are critical to the future of the Valley…”

Super Powers for All
Techwire, Summer 2013 (Page 20)
By: Mike Montgomery

What does this little trip down geek memory lane have to do with technology? If our tech community is akin to a modern-day Fantastic Four, then spectrum is the damsel in distress as demand trumps supply, held hostage by entities such as federal government agencies who are not using spectrum efficiently. And much like Sue Storm’s superpowers, spectrum is a powerful, yet invisible force in our lives…

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From the Desk of Executive Director Mike Montgomery

News You Can Use

CALinnovates in the News

Member Spotlight

Heading to SXSW 2014? Let us know!

The buzz about SXSW 2014 is already starting!  CALinnovates will be following what’s hot and getting in on all of the #SXSW conversations throughout the event on March 7-11 in Austin.

Be sure to let us know if you’re planning to attend!

Member Spotlight…


California PUC Commissioner Michael Peevey issued a proposed decision that was certainly good news for SideCar.


The Center for Digital Government awarded Appallicious Founder & CEO Yo Yoshida with its Exemplary Leadership Award for his efforts in trailblazing open data initiatives in San Francisco.

On Campus Media

On Campus Media CEO Scott Krantz in Education Week: “High-Speed Internet in Schools ‘Must Be a National Priority

“Today’s technology – innovative displays, remote learning, and mobile applications available on laptops and tablets – is revolutionizing education. Students need access to that technology. President Obama has fired the starter pistol.Now it’s time for all of us to invest time and resources into making it happen.”


Please welcome our newest member, empeopled. empeopled is based in Chicago, but understands the value of being connected to public policy issues in California and D.C. We’re glad to welcome empeopled and its co-founders, Aris Michalopoulos and Will Howe.

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