CALinnovates Advocates for Open Spectrum Auctions

By: Mike Montgomery

CALinnovates submitted this letter to the FCC encouraging the Commission to ensure its upcoming spectrum incentive auction is open to all bidders on equal terms. A process open to all bidders will ensure fairness, competition and increase the likelihood of a successful auction.

The unprecedented rise of mobile broadband — fueled by smartphones and tablets — has led to what has been labeled a “spectrum crunch.” The Commission’s auctions are aimed at alleviating that crunch while at the same time bolstering communications networks for first responders and delivering much-needed revenue to help pay down the Federal Government’s debt.

CALinnovates’ position is that only through an open bidding process can consumers, broadcasters, innovators, and the U.S. government receive the greatest benefit from the incentive auctions.

Thirteen tech industry leaders joined CALinnovates in this call to action, including:

  • Speek’s Danny Boice, conference call disruptor
  • TRAIL’s Josh Bradley, digital literacy advocate
  • Entrepreneur Daniel Brusilovsky, founder of Teens in Tech Labs
  • Conjectur’s co-founder Christopher Roy Correa, mobile loyalty & rewards guru
  • Velocity Venture Capital’s Jack Crawford, investor & Kauffman Fellow
  • Entrepreneur & Thiel Fellow Mark Daniel
  • Stacey Ferreira, Entrepreneur & co-founder of MySocialCloud
  • EdTech Leader & CEO of On Campus Media Scott Krantz
  • Global IT & Cloud Expert Lloyd Marino
  • Disruptive online polling startup founder Taylor Peck of
  • Kit CEO Michael Perry, builder of an  innovative CRM system
  • Open Gov Advocate and Tech PR Guru Brian Purchia
  • Appallicious Founder & CEO Yo Yoshida, Godfather of the Civic Startup world