At The Pool Launches New iOS App

New Platform Connects Online and Offline Worlds

by Mike Montgomery

The way we socialize, network and connect today has been revolutionized by mobile.  Many of us choose to interact with colleagues, friends and family via our smartphones.  We use various types of social media, relying on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, Snapchat and SMS, though these are mere approximations of real interactions; communication through a digital buffer.

Our vision of the Internet and software development today is a laughable relic of the AOL days of yore. While technology can distance us from our fellow human beings, it can also bring us far, far closer to each other.

When Alex Capecelatro dove headfirst into his new venture, he was well aware of the opportunity to disrupt how our relationships are developed, formed and utilized. And he wanted to disrupt the way people maximized the social experience through mobile devices.

Capecelatro’s company, At The Pool, aims to help bridge the digital self with the physical one. “We see social media as a starting point, not a closed loop,” Capecelatro says. “Our goal is to allow you to leverage your network and get you out with your friends to socialize, network and advance yourself personally and professionally.”

Key to getting people to maximize their digital to real world experience is At The Pool’s “shout” feature. Users who want to do something — go to a museum, hit up cross-fit, watch a bad Sandra Bullock flick, whatever — shout it out via At The Pool’s new mobile app. The shout is then sent to their friends both near and far, as well as nearby At The Pool users they don’t know who might be interested in joining the fun.

“We’re all about connecting locally,” Capecelatro says. “You have complete control over how far you want your shouts to go, from the same block to the same city and beyond.  People demand products that offer hyper-local results.  We solve problems people haven’t yet had an answer to.”

Another way to look at At The Pool is as a contact list connected to sonar. You send out your shout, and it pings those closest to you, the message widening out as far as you want it to go. Add in the capability to easily share photos, along with an easy interface, and you can see why At The Pool already has members in over 100 countries — pretty great, considering they only launched their iOS app a few weeks ago.

“One of my guiding principles as we move the company forward is that our digital future is in mobile and our ability to connect people with the world around them is just getting started,” says Capecelatro. “We built At The Pool to make it easier to stay connected to a meaningful life in the mobile world.”

You can learn more about Capecelatro and At The Pool by visiting